Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Lingerie: Magenta and Black

Today I am wearing my new magenta lace thong with a tiny bow in the front at the top that rests against my smooth shaved pussy. The lace forms a wide V across my hips, pointing downwards, suggesting the eye trace along towards the center where my legs meet. It fits me perfectly.

The thong matches my black and magenta lace bra. I got the bra at a fancy lingerie store where I had a personal fitting assistant in the room with me as I tried on 20 different bras in my size. I'm hard to fit because I'm so petite overall but my breasts are proportionately large at a full C cup on my tiny frame. Each bra had to not just look sexy but hold me firmly and shape the curves of my breasts into even more perfect mounds with just the right amount of cleavage pushed into the middle. The magenta and black bra passed all of the tests with flying colors and compliments my natural form as well as any bra I've ever known.

So right now I'm feeling very sexy in my new thong and perfect bra. I really didn't want to have to put clothes on over them. I can't wait until tonight when you take my clothes off again, force my panties aside, and plunge your cock deep inside of me. Until then, I sit here, secretly playing with the lace...

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