Sunday, September 04, 2005

So I decided to stay in and take it easy tonight (I guess going out during the week caught up with me!), but now I'm bored. Call me--we'll make the night more exciting!

For the time being, I'm keeping myself "entertained" in the Adult Friend Finder chatrooms. It should keep me on my toes (or curling my toes) until the phone rings.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Being smart, I finally figured out how to link to the free minutes NiteFlirt gives out! Yay!

My only question is, once we're getting paid, doesn't that make us professionals? Like, I thought that was the definition of pro. Whatever. This link thing will get you your free minutes, and isn't that what's really important?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's a Friday night and I'm on! Things are finally settled down enough for me to start having fun again! Maybe I'll even have time to finish my Little Red Riding Ho story. That would be excellent. There's just so much good stuff in my head that I haven't had time to put down.

I've been haning around on Adult Friend Finder lately, and it's really an incredible site. Being a dork, my favorite part is the erotic stories section (under the "magazine" heading), since many of them are wonderfully "inspirational" for my phone sex work. Beware if you don't like bad grammar and tons of typos, since it's all totally amature, but there's a huge variety of stuff on there. Sex personals, profiles with lots of photos (so many cocks and cunts to chose from!), chat rooms, and even as a standard (read: I don't pay) member I can view webcams. My profile name on there is LittleRedLyla, in case you were wondering. I've come across people on there from NiteFlirt, random guys who read my blog, and even some people who reccognized me from Friendster! When I hang out in the chatrooms while I'm on call, I drum up business without even trying! It's crazy, as soon as I say I'm busy or I have to answer the phone and explain why, people just flock to my blog and call me and stuff. And the site's totally not just filled with guys, either. Way more women than one might expect.So, AFF, you get the Lyla kiss of approval! In fact, since you (AFF) have gotten me business, I will put up your banner (I'm just so nice...that and they pay per click, but I'd have written nice things and put in the link, anyway).

Another site I'm just starting to poke around is Literotica. This is all stories, and they tend to be a lot longer and more involved. They do not pay me anything for clicks, but they're the best place I've found for erotic stories and they're mostly well-written and even sorted by category, so I will sing their praises and give them a link, too:

See? I'm not a complete money's just easy to seem that way in this business.

Ok, back to the phones.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yes, I've been missing. Moving is a crazy thing! So drop me a line with times you'd like to chat because I think that's the easiest way for me to do this right now.

Also, cologne aside, how do my men smell? Take my new survey, please!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Moving tomorrow. Crazy. Look out, Chicago, here I come!

Monday, July 18, 2005

I know you missed me. Hell, I missed me! But it's good to be back to functional for a few minutes! Yeesh! Can't a girl get a weekend to play? 'Cause next weekend I'm going to a wedding and the weekend after that I'm moving! I guess I'll just have to make the weekdays my own personal weekend.

Call me so we can talk about YOU, since I'm getting tired of thinking about ME. I'm just so busy, I need an escape...a release...won't you please help me out?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Woohoo! Friday night! Party!

Oh wait, no, of course not, I have a terrible headache. This sucks. I'm going to bed. I guess I'll just have to have double fun tomorrow night.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I'm back in my apartment (finally!) and should be on niteflirt tomorrow. Miss me?

I'm writing a new story...actually, it's the good ol' Red Riding Ho story, but I'm writing it out nice and juicy.

Check out my new web poll by either clicking the words web poll or on my homepage or on the sidebar of this very blog! I must admit, getting the poll into the template made me feel quite brilliant, so I hope it is fully appreciated and voted upon.

Boring post tonight, but tomorrow should be more exciting!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've been going a bit nuts lately because I haven't been home much and as much as I love seeing my friends and going out and playing, I need some down time! So my appologies to anybody who's tried to contact me but I just haven't been around! And now I'm going to visit people in Chicago for a few days (and maybe even check out some apartments?!?) so I'll be gone MORE! This is exhausting. If you need to get ahold of me, I'm still checking my email at almost every day, so you can try that. You are also welcome to still request free minutes through that, though most of you guys I sent minutes to never even called me. When I get back, anybody who can help me relax will be my personal hero.

Friday, July 01, 2005

If a horny guy thinks with his penis, does that mean I think with my vagina?

Just a thought.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I feel so techno-savvy this week! This morning, I learned what an RSS feed was and made one for this blog that's compatible with my Friendster listing! Between that and all my web paging and Niteflirt listing tweaking (I'm quite pleased with my Fantasy/Role Play listing, though my Women Home Alone/Sex listing is now attractive and completely without substance), I feel like a total computer nerd! So maybe these past few blog posts have been more techy than sexy, I am now totally "in business" and can go back to concentrating on what I do best.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It works! It works! I have a real web page with real links that link to things they should! Check it out!

Monday, June 27, 2005

HTML may be the most annoying thing ever. I've been trying to beef up my niteflirt homepage for quite some time now, and every time I think I've got it so it will work, something else pops up as an error message, or niteflirt won't accept that kind of code.

Thank goodness for my CS friend, who is being a wonderful helpful person and trying to fix things for me. How do you suppose I'll ever be able to repay him? Any suggestions?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I started a pay-mail service through NiteFlirt, which is excellent because I am a writer and it will allow people to request what I write and I'll get paid for it. Here's my ad/blurb thing:

Ever wonder what was REALLY going on between Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, and Tiger Lilly?
Want to see more of Romeo and Juliet's wedding night?
Find out why Beauty called him "The Beast?"

Send me your personal XXX story requests! Any story (as long as I know it or can easily read/learn it)! Gay or straight! Human or humanoid! (What, you’ve never wondered about R2D2 and C3PO’s relationship?)

Tell me what fairy tale, movie, or book and be as specific as you like. I can give a "dirty version of Little Red Riding Hood," but let me know if you want to make sure I include getting "eaten" by the wolf, "thanking" the woodsman for saving her, and/or scenes with Granny.

Send you requests TODAY!

PLEASE NOTE: $20 is the usual price, but it will cost more if you request or anything that’s particularly challenging or that forces me to read Charles Dickens (I HATE Dickens). I’ll contact you right away if your idea will cost extra or if I’m unfamiliar with the story. Just keep in mind, an explicit version of Othello act V scene ii written in iambic pentametric Elizabethan English would be totally hot (Desdemona loved her husband’s strong black cock), but is also worth more than $20.

I copyright everything, so don’t even think about it.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I had a particularly good night last night, mostly thanks to one great call (you know who you are if you're reading this ) but now my phone just isn't ringing and I'm getting bored and tired.

Come on, boys, you know you want to call me!

In other news, check out that counter! I had no idea so many people were reading this! Makes me think I should be saying something more important instead of just posting random thoughts and dirty smileys, but then again there's nothing wrong with dirty smileys!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Apparently, I can send people free minutes to call me with. I need to build up my ratings and client base, so if you're reading this and want free minutes, email me at I get to decide how many minutes you receive, so give me a good reason I should send you the max.

In other news, I figured out how to put a counter on this page, so I can see if anybody is actually looking at it. I got through college without learning HTML, but here I am having to learn it just for a silly blog! I'm sure it's good for me, like complicated spinach.

That's all for tonight. Gotta answer the phones!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Here's a story I wrote awhile ago:

We're on a cross-country road trip, going through one of many long, flat, empty Midwest expanses. The night is still young and there are a few hundred miles between us and our next stopping point. I know you'll take me from every direction once we get to the motel, but that's a few hours off and I'm horny NOW. I'm wearing a knee-length skirt (much more comfortable for traveling than pants) and my hand mindlessly wanders under the hem as I start stroking my thigh. You're still mesmerized by the road and don't notice, and I wonder if I should just get myself off while you drive. My always perky tits are getting hard and I give one a little squeeze. God, I'm horny. I'm not wearing a bra and The Girls look ready to bust a hole in my shirt. Another little squeeze and I let out a muffled noise.
"You ok?" you ask, eyes still glued to the road.
"Yeah," I say, voice strained with the sudden realization that I need to have you NOW. You flash me an unknowing smile, thinking I'm just restless from the car, and that's all I can take. I put my hand on your thigh and you smile again, placing your strong hand on mine. I move my thumb back and forth, simultaneously tickling your palm and thigh, inching upward all the while. Your face is still steely, eyes fixed on the road, but the warm bulge in your pants, straining to meet my strokes, gives you away in a heartbeat. My left hand continuing its little caressing journey as my right comes over to undo your fly. You feel my hot breath as I lean over and I kiss your neck, sweetly at first but with a naughty nibble as your hardness springs free from your now opened pants. You gasp as I giggle, moving your boxers out of the way so I can wrap my hands around your beautiful cock.
I start slowly, tracing the veins and creases with my little finger and the lightest touch. Desperate for more, you try to move your right hand in (left still on the wheel), but I catch it and start kissing and sucking your fingers as I go from tracing to pumping your glorious stiffness. I release your hand so I can use both of mine in quick succession to treat your member to a constant pulling, milking, begging for release. You run the fingers of your free hand through my hair and urge my head towards your lap. How can I refuse?
I pop just the head between my lips and deftly tongue the tip while still stroking the base with my hands. I dig deeper into your pants and you lift up just enough to give me access to your balls, which are swollen and full and begging to shoot. As I cup them in my warm dainty hand I begin running my tongue in circles all around the head of your cock. I’m tonguing and sucking for all I’m worth when suddenly a bump in the road forces you deep into my throat. I gag at first, jumping back to release you completely, but I immediately drop all the way back down, taking you all in, still tugging at your testicles. We must be on a bad stretch of road because the car is bouncing and my mouth is trying to keep sucking you all in and I can barely keep hold so I suck harder and deeper and just when I think I can’t stay on like this much longer I feel you stiffen and moan as load after load of hot, sticky cum shoots down my throat. I swallow and swallow (I wouldn’t want to mess up the upholstery, now would I?) and you’re making this incredible gasping noise and we’re still moving as I milk you clean and dry.
I sit up and smile at you as you wipe off my mouth with your thumb and I give it an impish bite.
“Wow,” is all you can say.
“You owe me when we get to the motel,” is my half-giggled response.
It’s now that I notice we’ve pulled off onto a dirt road (explains the earlier turbulence) and with nothing but corn in sight for miles you stop and turn off the car...
Check this out: Live call button! Click it to call me for fun, chat, or whatever

This is very exciting; I have a blog now!

A little bit about me: I'm 5 feet tall, around 100 lbs, full B cup, and strawberry blonde hair. That's where I got my nickname "Little Red," and I think it suits me nicely. I'm a writer (freelance investigative reporter, really) by day, "Phone Actress" by night . I used to work for IAS, but they cut off calls after 30 minutes and don't let people request you, so I had all these very "satisfied" customers but I was barely making anything. That's why I switched to niteflirt. Hopefully I'll build up my client base soon.

That's all for now!