Monday, August 22, 2005

Being smart, I finally figured out how to link to the free minutes NiteFlirt gives out! Yay!

My only question is, once we're getting paid, doesn't that make us professionals? Like, I thought that was the definition of pro. Whatever. This link thing will get you your free minutes, and isn't that what's really important?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's a Friday night and I'm on! Things are finally settled down enough for me to start having fun again! Maybe I'll even have time to finish my Little Red Riding Ho story. That would be excellent. There's just so much good stuff in my head that I haven't had time to put down.

I've been haning around on Adult Friend Finder lately, and it's really an incredible site. Being a dork, my favorite part is the erotic stories section (under the "magazine" heading), since many of them are wonderfully "inspirational" for my phone sex work. Beware if you don't like bad grammar and tons of typos, since it's all totally amature, but there's a huge variety of stuff on there. Sex personals, profiles with lots of photos (so many cocks and cunts to chose from!), chat rooms, and even as a standard (read: I don't pay) member I can view webcams. My profile name on there is LittleRedLyla, in case you were wondering. I've come across people on there from NiteFlirt, random guys who read my blog, and even some people who reccognized me from Friendster! When I hang out in the chatrooms while I'm on call, I drum up business without even trying! It's crazy, as soon as I say I'm busy or I have to answer the phone and explain why, people just flock to my blog and call me and stuff. And the site's totally not just filled with guys, either. Way more women than one might expect.So, AFF, you get the Lyla kiss of approval! In fact, since you (AFF) have gotten me business, I will put up your banner (I'm just so nice...that and they pay per click, but I'd have written nice things and put in the link, anyway).

Another site I'm just starting to poke around is Literotica. This is all stories, and they tend to be a lot longer and more involved. They do not pay me anything for clicks, but they're the best place I've found for erotic stories and they're mostly well-written and even sorted by category, so I will sing their praises and give them a link, too:

See? I'm not a complete money's just easy to seem that way in this business.

Ok, back to the phones.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Yes, I've been missing. Moving is a crazy thing! So drop me a line with times you'd like to chat because I think that's the easiest way for me to do this right now.

Also, cologne aside, how do my men smell? Take my new survey, please!