Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I bought a new dress today--blue that matches my eyes and makes them sparkle. It's form-fitting around my tight round ass, sleek fabric following my curves all the way up and then plunging down between my full taught breasts. The straps show off the smooth drop of my milky shoulders and draw a line to the quiet flesh of my neck.
I already own the perfect stiletto high-heeled shoes to match, making my legs look impossibly long on my tiny frame as they flex upward, on and on, before they're met by the just-long-enough hem of the dress. Your eyes dance back and forth between the meeting of my legs and dress, the bewitching point where the so-low neckline disappears into my cleavage, and the movement of the fabric over my ass. You just want to rip it off like an excited child with a gift on Christmas--and you can't begin to imagine the gift that lies waiting for you inside.

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